Life without Limits for Individuals with Disabilities: from Infants to Seniors

At UCP Central PA, “Life Without Limits” is much more than a slogan. It’s a goal we strive to help our consumers achieve 24/7, year in and year out.

Serving Individuals of All Ages with a Wide Range of Conditions and Diagnoses

While our name—United Cerebral Palsy--would seem to suggest otherwise, our consumers come to us with a wide range of conditions and diagnoses. The reality is this: the vast majority of the people we serve have a condition other than cerebral palsy.

Our Typical Consumers

  • Individuals of any age who were born with a disability
  • Individuals of any age who acquire a disability through accident, illness, or injury
  • Individuals who find themselves aging into disability

Understanding Individual Needs

We understand that “life without limits” can mean vastly different things to different people:

  • For some, it’s finding a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place where a child with special needs is given every opportunity to be successful in school, at play, and in life.
  • For others, it’s getting the support they need to find meaningful employment.
  • For some, it’s living a life of independence while still having the security of knowing there is someone on hand in the event of an emergency.
  • For others, it’s getting precisely the supports they need... on their own time and their own terms... enabling them to remain in their own home.
  • For yet others, it’s receiving precisely the human and technological supports that enable a young man or woman to have hope for the future following a spinal cord injury.

Making "Life without Limits" a Reality

Whatever “life without limits” means to a consumer or their loved one... we’ll do our best to help transform those words into a meaningful reality.

We can’t guarantee that everyone who comes to UCP will have all their dreams come true. But we can guarantee that we are changing lives for people of all ages with all kinds of disabilities throughout Central PA. Won’t you let us do the same for you or a loved one?

UCP Consumer Hope Johnson said it best:

The UCP tag line ‘life without limits’ is much more than a slogan. UCP offers limitless opportunities for those who are involved with the program. I am proof that with perseverance, self-motivation, faith in yourself, and others’ faith in your abilities, your wildest dreams truly are possible.

Hope Johnson UCP Community Support Services Consumer and Messiah College Honors Student

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