Grant Allocation Panel

The Grant Allocation Panel exists to review and evaluate funding requests made by UCP programs to ensure that Foundation resources are appropriately utlilized.

About the Panel

The individuals who have invested in the UCP Foundation have demonstrated their commitment to our future. Therefore, to provide a vehicle for our investors to decide how the money is disbursed from the Foundation to the UCP Programs, in 2011, we created the Grant Allocation Panel.

The Grant Allocation Panel is a representative selection of individuals who have invested in the UCP Foundation. The Panel solicits requests on a quarterly basis from UCP staff to support unfunded and unmet program and other agency needs. Since April 2016, the Panel has awarded nearly $216,600 in funding for the following initiatives:

  • $17,000 to replace flooring in the Options Childcare and Preschool classrooms
  • $13,050 for the 4th annual DREAM Foundation Education Symposium
  • $48,455 to purchase a package of sensory equipment for the 6th Street, State Street, and Carlisle Alternatives programs 
  • $180,000 loan to UCP for the purchase of a home in Liverpool for two adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

The Grant Allocation Panel (2018)

  • John M. Zonarich
  • Scott Coburn
  • John M. Murphy
  • Marie B. Schleicher
  • Gerry Kramer
  • Marisa Tokarsky

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