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Your gift today helps us continue our important mission to create opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals of development, growth, independence, and full citizenship.


A child with a disability and his or her family can participate in a meaningful social activity as a family unit for an evening.


provides 4 hours of evening respite care for families and their children.


an adult with an intellectual disability receives a full day of social and educational instruction in an adult day program.


a recently-injured father of four acquires the assistive technology and supports he needs to walk again.


for one week an adult with intellectual disabilities can work with a habilitation aide, with whom they can form a one-to-one bond and improve their socialization and independent living skills by participating in community outings such as local festivals, concerts, baseball games, etc.


a 2-year-old child receives an hour of physical therapy and the family receives coaching on ways to carry over strategies into their everyday routine.


the brother or sister of a child with a disability can participate in a sibling support program for one year.


for one week a daughter can be assured her mother is taking a bath, eating right, taking her medicine correctly, and can concentrate on being a daughter instead of a caregiver.


provides 24 hours of respite care for families and their children.

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