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MochaLuvr | review

As professional in the field and a parent of a child who received services through UCP Central PA, I have had a wide array of experiences with UCP and their staff. The experience impacting my youngest son is the one that stands out the most for me!! My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and Impulsivity when he was 3 1/2 years old. With this diagnosis, we, along with the staff at UCP's preschool (where he went to for childcare and preschool), experienced a range of emotional outbursts. Some so significant that I am sure most other childcare / preschool programs would have asked him to leave. While there were many ups and downs along the road, the staff hung in there through the thick and thin of it. They rose to the challenge and knew that all I asked was that they at least try something to help him successfully complete a day in preschool. I remember saying that I was prepared for failure if they tried, but not prepared for failure from a lack thereof. Let me tell you, everyone tried!! We as parents were learning and trying new tactics for pick-up time and time in the evening. The staff was trying tactics that focused on our son's strengths, in hopes of overcoming his challenges. The Family Services team was always there with input and advice for specific situations. The therapists on-site were a godsend when we were faced with challenging behavioral outbursts. It was definitely a group for which I will be forever grateful. I am not sure what my husband and I would have done during those ealry years without the help, guidance, and support of the staff at UCP's Childhood Programs!

henstott | review

I called when my youngest daughter was having trouble in school. Her teachers and the school staff were not providing proper support for her. She has several dx, including autism, DAMP, and a social interaction disorder. An advocate met with me to explain how to work with the school, attended IEP meetings and helped me get my daughter the services, both in school and outside of school, she needed. The advocate was wonderful, knowledgable and understood my daughter's needs!

hjwizkid | review

The most significant benefit of my relationship with United Cerebral Palsy, I think, is to live independently, (with the help of my Mom and attendants, of course), and receive a college education. United Cerebral Palsy’s help proves that I can do anything with my life, even live in a dorm, not especially designed for individuals who have physical limitations. I never thought this possible before my involvement with the United Cerebral Palsy organization. Opportunities are limitless for those who are involved with the program. The receiver needs to have an open mind, though. Wildest dreams are possible with perseverance, self-motivation, faith in yourself and others’ faith in your abilities. United Cerebral Palsy continuously helps me to reach my goals; and with every success in my life, I am grateful to them.

JHickey | review

I have been a volunteer and Board Member for over a decade and have seen UCP Central Pa grow significantly over that time, without ever losing its focus on its mission. Helping people with disabilities physically, emotionally, socially; helping the families of those with disabilities through support services -- improving the lives of the people and communities it serves -- that is what UCP Central Pa does all day, every day. The staff and volunteers are consistently wonderful and I am proud to say that I am affiliated with this wonderful organization.

ihavenoideawhatascreennameis2 | review

The reason I volunteer for UCP is due to the great service they offer persons with UCP. My daughter was diagnosed with UCP when she was an infant, and she was taken into the UCP center on 30th St. in Camp Hill - (a long tome ago)! where she was given physical therapy, speech therapy and learning experiences by loving professional staff. As an adult, she is currently residing in a UCP-run home where she receives all the care she needs PLUS. She attends Alternatives during the week, has outings to church, shopping and many more activities that would not be possible without UCP. I am thankful to UCP for giving my daughter a well-rounded life.

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