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lweaver258 | review

It is truly a blessing to have a healthy baby these days. And as a mother, you know when something just isn’t right with one of your children. Jacob was born on December 31, 1994. He had an older brother, so I had a benchmark of what to expect. Jacob wasn’t a typical happy baby. He didn’t smile a lot, had issues with food textures, didn’t sleep well, etc. As a toddler, it got worse. He didn’t develop speech, became somewhat aggressive, was very particular about his food, had many perseverative behaviors, etc. Jacob was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (on the autism spectrum) when he was about 2. Luckily, we caught it early and he was immediately enrolled in developmental, speech and occupational therapies. Then, our prayers were answered. I remember the first time I visited UCP of Central PA in Camp Hill, PA. The physical facilities were a child’s AND parent’s dream…so colorful, so inviting, and so conducive to everything they do there. I especially liked the 2-way windows where parents could observe without being seen. But those facilities were nothing compared to the Understanding Caring Professionals I met. I immediately knew this was where Jacob needed to be. He began in an inclusion preschool class, and boy, was he miserable! I remember observing him during most of my lunch hours. Specifically, I remember a time when Jacob would not stop crying. The teacher/developmental therapist had taken away one of his dinosaur toys. I couldn’t stand it! I went to the door and told her why he was crying. She knew why. She had taken 1 of his 2 dinosaurs because Jacob was a part of the class. He was not forced to participate in the art project at the time, but he had to have a hand available if he chose to participate. Tough love at its finest! …[At] UCP of Central PA, I met professionals who loved and cared about Jacob so much that they were determined to see him succeed. By the time he graduated from the preschool program, he was one of the typical kids in the inclusion preschool. He had friends, laughed and was happy, all I ever really wanted. He transitioned to a private school and is now a sophomore in high school earning A’s and B’s, playing basketball and in Driver’s Ed! UCP of Central PA gave us so much HOPE. They were all a support system to Jacob and our family. We are FOREVER indebted to them, and continue to contribute financially and with anything we can do to promote them. Jacob, himself, has given back by volunteering at UCP’s Family Fun Fair. UCP of Central PA has helped make Jacob who he is today. How can I not be forever indebted?

A Proud Supporter | review

UCP Central PA offers services to all ages and levels of special needs. I am not only a board member, but both my children attended UCP's Inclusive daycare. This experience allowed my children not to differentiate or judge those with special needs and taught them acceptance of all. I also needed early invention when our son had meningitis. UCP tested our son for developmental delays so we could work with him to improve his abilities that were affected. UCP is here to help with anything from early childhood delays to providing housing to adults with special needs to give them the opportunities to live a fulfilling life. UCP has touched the lives of many people in our community in a positive way and continues to provide quality service to anyone in need.

Lori K. | review

UCP Central PA offers a wonderful variety of services that have benefited both of my children with autism. Sibshops is my 12 year olds favorite activity and he has been attending for 6 years. Their facility is beautiful and the family support service staff goes above and beyond to help their clients and families.

momof2boys | review

My youngest son first received services from UCP 3 years ago. A developmental therapist came to our home once a week. I was impressed right away by how she was able to get my son to open up and actually try things (which were cleverly disguised as fun!). Eventually, my son started attending the inclusive preschool program at UCP's Capital Area Children's Center. A shy boy with speech delay graduated the program to enter kindergarten with great social skills and is up to speed with the other kids and beyond! We are so proud of him and so thankful to UCP! Both my sons have benefited from the Family Services activities, such as the Fall Fun Fair and Dance Night.

hightide | review

UCP has helped me in a variety of ways for more than a decade. They have helped with attendant care services, finding assistive technology and providing training to use it, and support for me as I work toward starting my own business. The people working for them have been great and make an extra effort.

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