Life without Limits Newsletter

Life without Limits is a biannual publication of UCP Central PA, dedicated to providing the community with news and opportunities to support our efforts in assisting individuals with disabilities and their families…every day, in every way we can.

Life without Limits - Issue 16

What's Inside:

  • Change at the Top... and Beyond
  • Jeff Cooper Retires the Tie
  • Around the Agency: UCP Respite
  • Shout Outs
  • UCP Careers / Culture at Work
  • In Memoriam: Doris Brunner
  • Around the Agency: Changing Hands
  • Tribute to Bob Wallace
  • Special Events Update
  • Foundation Update
  • Spotlight Column
  • President's Perspective

Life without Limits - Issue 15

What's Inside:

  • Employment as the End Goal
  • Expressions Contest Results
  • Expressions Contest 2016-17
  • The Amazing Kocsis Kids
  • Shout Outs
  • Summer of Fun(d)raising
  • Foundation Update
  • Spotlight Column
  • President's Corner

Life without Limits - Issue 14

What's Inside:

  • The Power of Life without Limits
  • Around the Agency: Transitions
  • Expressions Contest 2015-16
  • Around the Agency: NIH Program
  • Reflections on Life without Limits
  • Another Night to Shine
  • Books in Brief
  • Foundation Update
  • Shout Outs...
  • Event Updates
  • Spotlight Column
  • President's Corner

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