UCP Culture at Work Poster Series

This is what life without limits looks like in action.

UCP Culture at Work

In 2013, a dozen of our UCP colleagues representing the scope of the agency’s programmatic and geographic footprint—the original Culture and Principles Group—was tasked with identifying core principles that are critical to sustaining a culture of excellence throughout UCP. 

Since then, six core principles were identified, presented to, and approved by UCP management. Subsequently, six larger subgroups were formed—one for each core principle. Over the past year, these subgroups have been focusing their efforts on finding ways to infuse the concept of the ideal UCP culture across the agency.

Culture at Work Logo

Our collective efforts to live out these six core principles on a daily basis  help create a “life without limits” for everyone involved.That phrase means different things to different people. For UCP staff and management, it is reflected in the many ways we empower people with special needs to live their lives to the best of their abilities. We call this the “UCP Culture at Work.”

Below you will find a series of posters (each one will be added as it becomes available) that we hope will help generate greater awareness of the Culture initiative generally, and of each of the core principles specifically.

If you have any questions about the Culture initiative, or if you’d like to receive additional copies of the poster, please email Lynda Bowen, Marketing & Communications Coordinator.