Special Thanks and Recognition Awards

As part of our new initiatives, we are offering the opportunity to receive a STAR Award and a full day of paid time off if an employee can identify a problem and propose a solution that is successfully integrated!  Visit your ADP employee page for more information:

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Kudos to the following employees who received a Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Award:

        December 2018

        • Julie Snyder, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Jen Weiand, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Mariah Linn, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Angela Griffith, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Ryan Shoop, Residential- Teamwork
        • Tara Leininger, Connections to Independence- Communication
        • Brandy Fry, Connections to Independence- Person-Focused
        • Alisha Freed, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Olivia Aldinger, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
        • Nikki Ranck, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused

      November 2018

      October 2018

      • Katelyn Kuhn, Residential- Teamwork
      • Samantha Fisher, Agency with Choice- Inspiring Leadership
      • Keira Smith, Residential- Teamwork
      • Bill Allen, Agency with Choice- Person-Focused
      • Lauren Howell, Adult Services- Inspiring Leadership
      • Karen Welsh, Community Career Connections- Person-Focused
      • Kellyann Houck, Residential- Teamwork
      • Quinn Schneider, Human Resources- Teamwork
      • Ethan Haubert, Adult Day Services- Teamwork

      September 2018

      • Gabby Miller, Pathways- Person Focused
      • Kelly Warner, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Olguine St. Pierre, Connections to Independence- Person-Focused
      • Kathy Shilling, Residential- Person-Focused
      • April Treaster, Connections to Independence- Teamwork
      • Rhoda Miller, Milton Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Tasheena Haubert, Residential- Connected
      • Ashley Still, Residential- Person-Focused
      • Kavita Edmiston, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused  

    • August 2018

      • Kim Wray, Capital Home Care- Person Focused
      • Olivia Heinle, Capital Home Care- Person Focused
      • Lauren Williams, Pathways- Innovation
      • Kristin Harris, Residential- Person-Focused
      • Katelyn Kuhn, Residential- Teamwork
      • Max Beck, Pathways- Inspiring Leadership
      • Rebecca Knudson, Residential- Inspiring Leadership
      • Brandy Cavanaugh, Residential- Teamwork
      • Olivia Aldinger, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused

      July 2018

      • Kristine Hummel, Agency With Choice- Inspiring Leadership
      • Kim Wray, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Jessica Erney, Mechanicsburg Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Courtenay Wilson, Early Intervention- Teamwork
      • Jen Taylor, Administration- Teamwork
      • Yolanda Stanton, Mechanicsburg Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Sharon Rodemaker, Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Jonathan Moody, Capital Home Care- Innovation
      • Nicole Jones, Mechanicsburg Alternatives- Person-Focused
      • Shirley Dunkley, Residential- Teamwork
      • Nancy Arcieri, Pathways- Person-Focused
      • Deborah Camuso, Program Manager- Teamwork
      • Ikia Guider-Clowe, Alternatives- Inspiring Leadership

      June 2018

      • Ruthann Ryan, Alternatives Lemoyne- Inspiring Leadership
      • Joan Schlusser, Alternatives Lemoyne- Teamwork
      • Megan Geesey, Alternatives Lemoyne- Inspiring Leadership
      • Bridget Ludewig, Milton Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Jennifer Muth, Agency with Choice- Teamwork
      • Troy Scheibelhut, Agency with Choice- Person-Focused
      • Jen Taylor, Administration- Teamwork
      • Theresa Usewicz, Agency with Choice- Person-Focused
      • Kayla Warner, Residential- Teamwork

      May 2018

      • Kera Stauffer, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Valarie Hulme, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Carlotta Bratton, Capital Home Care- Inspiring Leadership
      • Loretta Bowersox, Milton Alternatives- Inspiring Leadership
      • Brandy Gessner, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Tracy Gross-Fritz, Fiscal- Innovation
      • Luray Hogue & Pam Drisbrow, Carlisle Alternatives- Person-Focused
      • Lucy Keeney, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Bridget Ludewig, Milton Alternatives- Inspiring Leadership

      April 2018

      • Jen Weiand, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Mariah Linn, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Kimberly Reed Bard, Neighbors- Teamwork
      • Crystal Collins, Linda Lane Alternatives- Teamwork
      • Wanda Crawford, Residential- Person-Focused
      • Terri Dorsey, Links to Independence- Teamwork
      • Brandy Fry, Links to Independence- Person-Focused
      • Lindsey Hamilton, Links to Independence- Teamwork
      • Diane Hoy, Pathways- Teamwork
      • Tammy Keister, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Margaret Marshall, Links to Independence- Person-Focused
      • Lori Maurer, Capital Home Care- Teamwork
      • Theresa McCardle, Residential- Teamwork
      • Pamela Morales, Adult Day Services- Inspiring Leadership

      March 2018

      February 2018

      January 2018

      • Tania Nell, Agency with Choice- Communication
      • Tina Maxwell, Human Resources- Teamwork
      • Karen Welsh, Community Career Connections- Person Focused
      • Becki Gorman, Capital Home Services- Teamwork
      • Olivia Aldinger, Capital Home Services- Person-Focused
      • Valarie Hulme, Capital Home Services- Person-Focused
      • Carol Fraine, Capital Home Services- Person-Focused
      • Teena Mowery, Adult Services- Inspiring Leadership
      • Becki Kreiser, Pathways- Communication
      • Sharon Rodemaker, Adult Services- Inspiring Leadership
      • Sharon Stitt, Carlisle Alternatives- Teamwork

      December 2017

      • Lauren Bennett, Agency with Choice - Teamwork
      • Julie Snyder, Home Care Services- Person-Focused
      • Kristin Jarmer, Assistive Technology- Person-Focused
      • Jean Bowers, Alternatives- Person-Focused
      • Kelly Derr, Agency with Choice- Teamwork
      • Michelle Farinelli, Community Career Connections- Inspiring Leadership
      • Sharon Henry, Capital Home Care- Person-Focused
      • Bridget Pugh, Administration- Person-Focused
      • Mary Ann Young, Fiscal- Teamwork

      November 2017

      October 2017

      September 2017

      August 2017

      • Lynda Bowen, Community Relations & Development - Communication
      • Jan Lower, Connections to Independence - Teamwork
      • Tania Nell, Agency with Choice - Teamwork
      • Kathy Shilling, Residential Services - Teamwork
      • Kayla Warner, Residential Services - Inspiring Leadership

      July 2017

      June 2017

      May 2017

      • Deirdre Frey, Adult Services - Person Focused
      • Diane Isham, Early Intervention - Person Focused
      • Tara Leininger, Connections to Independence - Person Focused
      • Keri Marotte, Branch Creek Neighbors - Teamwork
      • Dan Maurer, Maintenance - Teamwork
      • Ryan Moskalczak, Information Technology - Teamwork
      • Jennifer Muth, Adult Programs - Person Focused
      • Marci Walborn, Childhood Programs - Inspiring Leadership

      April 2017

      • Mary Benfer, Links to Independence - Person Focused
      • Jennifer Brubaker, Human Resources - Connected
      • Patti Campbell, UCP Lewistown Office - Teamwork
      • Rebecca Miller, Adult Services - Person Focused
      • Rhoda Miller, Adult Services - Person Focused
      • Ryan Moskalczak, Information Technology - Inspiring Leadership
      • Nicole Pratt, Community Home Services - Inspiring Leadership
      • Joshua Tebar, Community Home Services - Person Focused

      March 2017

      • Tammy Baumgartner, Adult Services - Person Focused & Teamwork
      • Erin Coyle, Early Intervention - Person Focused
      • Angela Griffith, Capital Home Care - Inspiring Leadership
      • Tettie Hunt, Human Resources - Teamwork
      • Tara Leininger, Connections to Independence - Person Focused
      • Bridget Lilley, Adult Services - Teamwork
      • Jess McNaughton, P.E.T.S. - Teamwork
      • Teena Mowery, Adult Services - Person Focused
      • Jessica Ranck, Adult Services - Inspiring Leadership
      • Anna Spiess, Community Relations & Development - Connected
      • Nicole Stahl, Adult Services - Person Focused
      • Joshus Tebar, Community Home Services - Teamwork
      • April Treaster, UCP Connections to Independence - Inspiring Leadership

      February 2017

      January 2017

      December 2016

      November 2016


      October 2016

      September 2016

      August 2016

      July 2016