PACE Setters Awards

The PACE Setters Council is composed of ACE award winners of the previous quarter. They serve as an advisory team to the President/CEO and the Executive Team. The PACE Setters Council meets regularly and advises on matters concerning: oversight of programs; program operations; optimizing systems supporting our programs; identifying program resources needed; and sharing best practices.

4th Quarter 2016-17

4th qtr 16-17 winners

left to right (1st row): Jennifer Brubaker, Deirdre Frey, Suzanne Jackson, Bernadette Jayakumar
left to right (2nd row): Tara Leininger, Kerri Marotte, Rebecca Miller, Ryan Moskalczak


3rd Quarter 2016-17

3rd qtr 16-17 winners

left to right (1st row): Tammy Baumgartner, Erin Coyle, Carol Keefer, Erica Marsh
left to right (2nd row): Angie Monteleone, Teena Mowery, Deborah Nye, April Treaster


2nd Quarter 2016-17

2nd Qtr 16-17 winners

left to right (1st row): Rebecca Beamer, Cedar Drive Team, Crystal Collins, Megan Greiner
left to right (2nd row): Dan Maurer, Trisha McKeehan, Erica Peters, Chloe Prosser


1st Quarter 2016-17

left to right (1st row): Roxnne Daniel, Barry Claypool, Sally Mullen, RuthAnn Ryan
left to right (2nd row): Travis Wagner, Fred Wanner, Dereje Zewdu, Jennifer Zingone