Honoring Direct Support Professionals

DSP Week Sep 10-16

Peg Pringle

Peg Pringle

Peg Pringle wears two hats for UCP… one as Clerical Assistant in the Lewistown office of Capital Home Care; the other as a home care aide. The poem below was written by Capital Home Care consumer Lois Osenga, who apparently finds Peg’s home care hat to be a halo.




~ My Aide ~


There is someone in my life

She helps me every day,

By taking care of my physical cleanliness

Then, sits by my side to hear my cares!


My family lives out of town

And lots of times, my pain takes me down,

She listens to me when I cry

Sometimes, it’s hard to say “Good-bye.”


I know she’ll be back

She always tells me so

It was not planned that we meet, after all

It was by my accident in a fall!


It may sound strange to say

But, after three years, she comes every day

I can truly say “I Love Her” like a “Best Friend” who calms my fears

And turns me to laughter, instead of tears.


God knew years ago that I would be

In a position to have someone take care of me

And He chose the right caregiver into my life

To help me through all my surgeries and strife!


For Peg Pringle/Capital Home Care

~ Lois Osenga


Amazing tribute Peg!  Awesome poem, Lois!


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