Exemplar Employees

From 2000-2015, the Exemplar Program recognized individuals who go “above and beyond” in their support of the mission, values, and operating principles of UCP Central PA in their everyday work. The awardees represent non-supervisory staff members who have been nominated by their supervisors.

Class of 2000
Terry Davies - Alternatives, Colonial Park
Patti Linnane - Early Intervention
Class of 2001
Patti Reed - Administration
Class of 2003
Meredith Gill - Early Intervention
Nancy McCorkle - Early Intervention
Class of 2004
Debra Specht - Capital Home Care, Lewistown
Marci Walborn - Early Intervention
Class of 2005
Linda McGowan - Capital Home Care, Camp Hill
Crystal  Orwan-Collins - Community Home Services, Upland
Ami Sauders - Administration
Class of 2006
Pamela Flood - Capital Home Care, Lewistown
Class of 2007
Gail Coles - Capital Home Care
Class of 2008
Ruthann Ryan - Alternatives, Camp Hill
Class of 2009
Kerrie Richardson - Early Intervention
Class of 2010
Diane Isham - Early Intervention
Donna Reed - Administration
Class of 2012
Tammy Baumgartner - Alternatives, Camp Hill
Class of 2013
Erica Marsh - LifeFit

Class of 2015
Erin Coyle - Early Intervention
Norys L Munoz-Morales - Options Childcare & Preschool