Share Your Story

We are celebrating over 60 years of UCP Central PA programs and services that have empowered thousands of individuals to experience "life without limits." Do you have a a particular UCP story, moment, or lesson learned? Has your life been positively enhanced in some way by your connection to UCP? If so, won't you share your story?

Some ideas to get you thinking about what “life without limits” means...

  • Are you an individual or family member whose life has been made easier, richer, fuller, or more independent (be it at work, school, home, or in the community) thanks to UCP?
  • Are you a UCP employee or caregiver who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of our people, programs, and services in the life of someone with special needs?
  • Are you a UCP volunteer who has experienced unanticipated joy, satisfaction, or gratification as a direct result of your time spent volunteering for us?
  • Are you a donor who has seen the fruits of your financial support of UCP at work in the community in a very real way?
  • Are you an independent support professional or advocate who has witnessed how UCP has benefited an individual or family that you work with?

If any of these examples hits home for you, please share your story. Photo and video submissions accepted.

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