Compliance Hotline

UCP aims to create an environment where Board members, employees, business associates, consumers and their families feel comfortable reporting concerns, questions, and instances of improper conduct without fear of retaliation.

Reporting an issue or communicating with the Compliance Department can be done in the following ways:

  • Use the Compliance referral link on this page.
  • Contact the Compliance Hotline at: 1.877.410.9091
  • Email the Compliance department at:

All reports are confidential – regardless of the method of reporting. Reports can be made anonymously or the responses can be tracked.


Incident Report Form

Location Information

Please provide information about the location where your concern is happening

Your Information

If you would like to be contacted about this report please provide your contact information

Report Details

To assist us in getting a clear and concise picture of your concern, please provide the details of who, what, when and where concerning your issue.