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UCP of Central Pennsylvania is an advocate for federal and state legislation and initiatives that promote the independence, full citizenship, development, and support of people with disabilities.

Promoting Independence, Full Citizenship, Development and Support

To that end, we encourage site visitors to join us in advancing our efforts to secure equal and unhindered access to education, employment, transportation, public accommodations, and government services for individuals with disabilities and to support our cause on disability-related issues such as accessibility, equality, and inclusion. We seek meaningful reform through several avenues: legislative advocacy, administrative advocacy, and public awareness and education.

We direct your attention to the following action alerts

The Governor proposed, and the final budget includes, an increase in state funds of $1,497,000 to serve an additional 118 people. Funding for mini-grants to individuals and families remains at $500,000 and funding for the three regional autism centers remains at $800,000 each. The final autism line item included an extra $440,000 in total state funds which is intended for two special initiatives, one located in Philadelphia and the other in Pittsburgh.

The Governor proposed an increase for the Home and Community Based Services line item which includes the Aging Waiver and the LIFE program. The Governor also proposed an additional $21 million from the lottery, including an $8.1 million initiative to serve an additional 1,550 people. While the Governor seemed to tie these additional lottery funds to the privatization of the lottery, the final budget package does not. The appropriation for Home and Community Based Services in the final budget is nearly $57 million less than the Governor’s request. Some of that cut is because DPW lowered the amount needed by $20 million due to updated caseload and cost projections. We are told that the explanation for the rest of the reduction, $36 million, is that it was shifted to another funding source.

DPW’s Early Intervention program received a $4.3 million supplemental appropriation in 2012-13 and an increase in 2013-14.

The Office Long Term Living has submitted waiver amendments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to account for the January 1, 2013 change to a single statewide vendor for Financial Management Services (FMS). For the Attendant Care and Independence waivers, the amendments also include a limit on the number of participants that can be served at any one point in time. These two waivers currently do not have point in time limits. The amendments have been approved.

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Changes in Service Coordination payment rates in OLTL programs, effective on July 1, 2012, caused severe financial problems for many service coordination entities, especially in the Aging Waiver. After review of stakeholder input and the rates, the Department of Public Welfare issued an increase to Service Coordination rates for the MA Aging, Attendant Care, COMMCARE, Independence and OBRA waivers and the Act 150 Program effective on January 26, 2013, as well as an increase to the enrollment fee for the Area Agencies on Aging that process applications for Aging Waiver services. The changes were announced in the January 26, 2013 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

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We also collaborate with various local and state organizations

  • Policy Information Exchange (sponsored by the Developmental Disabilities Council)
  • Disability Rights Network
  • The ARC of Pennsylvania

We encourage you to contact your state and national legislators on issues of importance to you

  • Pennsylvania General Assembly
  • United States House of Representatives
  • United States Senate

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