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For over 65 years, UCP Central PA (UCP) has been meeting the needs of individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities.

UCP currently provides both community and center-based programs and services in 17 Central Pennsylvania counties, serving nearly 4,000 people with disabilities and their families.





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UCP Employees: Speedbumps & Solutions

Already work at UCP Central PA? Do you encounter "speedbumps" in your day-to-day work? Have a solution you would like to see considered? UCP wants to hear about it! If you can identify a problem and propose a solution, you will receive a STAR award! If your solution is implemented, you will also get a full day of PTO! Submit proposals through our ADP workforce system at the following link:

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Get into the holiday spirit!

Volunteers at the UCP Holiday Gift Wrap Booth and those who stop by to get their gifts wrapped can give the gift of hope this season to people with disabilities throughout our community.

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