Positive Health Practices Curriculum

Welcome to the Positive Health Practices Curriculum sponsored by the state of Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs in the Department of Human Services. For this curriculum, we have brought together the best practices in healthy eating and physical activity in order to support persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in developing and/or maintaining a fit and nutritious lifestyle.

The Curriculum for Activity and Nutrition

Below you will find quicklinks to the individual sections of the curriculum. To view or download a section, simply click on the title. Physical activities described in each lesson are broken into three sections:

  • Section A - For persons with no limitations on mobility and strength
  • Section B - For persons who use manual wheelchairs, i.e. have the necessary upper body strength to push
  • Section C - Range of motion: For everyone who uses Sections A and B, and also for persons who use electric wheelchairs, i.e. have limited upper body strength

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LifeFit trainer and client

Nutrition Education Program

Eleven workshops presented during a six-month period for people with developmental disabilities living in group homes and their care provider staff members.

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School Nutrition and Activity Program

A “train the trainer” program developed by UCP Central PA and taught in elementary, middle, and high schools..

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