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ILT is a program developed as a new service model that will provide the maximum level of independence for individuals with disabilities and older adults, while giving peace of mind to their caregivers and loved ones. After an individualized evaluation, the ILT team works with each person to identify a custom solution, install the equipment, and provide necessary training and support to the team. ILT works with different technology equipment providers to offer choices and affordable options to enhance opportunities for independent living.

Children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or physical disabilities, as well as older adults who live in Dauphin, Cumberland, or Perry Counties.

A comprehensive evaluation is completed and requires active participation of the consumer and their support team.

A variety of technology is available including: environmental controls, pressure pads, medication dispensers, panic pendants, and a variety of sensors that monitor doors, windows, electric stoves, water, and motion.

Funding and financial assistance may be available through the PA Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs, Office of Long Term Living, and private pay. Additional funding sources may be found on UCP's Resource page.

There are two components to monitoring. The ILT Program provides consumer support and technical assistance which includes program administration, maintenance, technical assistance, one on one calls/visits, and outcome monitoring. The ILT program ensures that the technology continues to operate as anticipated, the person’s needs are being met, and they remain safe. The technology system provider may also provide monitoring services for a particular piece of technology that will generate notifications and alerts when established criteria are met.

Their role is a critical one. As part of the referral process, they provide a current copy of the ISP and positive behavior support plan (where applicable). During the evaluation, we are relying on their active participation in the process, which may take up to 2 hours. For ongoing success, we are counting on them to keep ILT staff informed of any changes in the consumer’s daily living routine that may impact the use of the technology (ex:  medication changes, staff rotation etc.).

The medication dispensers must be filled by the individual or a person who is certified in medication distribution, a family member, medical professional, or a pharmacy. In most instances, a habilitation aide cannot fill the medication dispenser.

This medication dispenser will stop reporting activity to the website if the cellular signal is lost. When this happens, it will show on the website that there was not any activity. The medication dispenser acts as an alarm clock, therefore it is likely that the person still took their medicine. The ILT staff have the ability to recognize certain patterns on the activity log that will help them identify specifically what is going on with the device. The staff will then take the appropriate action to get the device back in operation. 

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