Helping Equip Individuals with Disabilities to Live Fuller, More Independent Lives

At UCP Central PA, we have found that individuals with disabilities who receive our support services are not only equipped to live their lives more independently, they are better equipped to live fuller lives.

Our Philosophy

Residential Services is based on the philosophy that all people, regardless of ability or disability, have skills and talents that can and should enable them not only to live independently, but also to be valuable contributors to the community.

Residential Services Consumer in his room

Our Facilities

Our Residential Services currently include nine homes and an apartment complex known as ApartmentPlus.

Each of our residences provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where adults with disabilities can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their housemates, and actively participate in the community around them.

Residential Services Key Tenets

Life Skills Development

Our homes are designed to enable residents to function as independently as possible. Our residential staff only assist with the activities of daily living as needed. We also encourage the residents to pursue whatever leisure time activity makes them happy (playing a musical instrument, doing crafts, watching TV, playing games, etc.)

Community Integration

We identify and nurture opportunities for participants to be involved in leisure and recreational activities of interest to them. To that end, we provide transportation to and from, and facilitate the use of, such community resources as shopping centers, libraries, parks, museums, theaters, festivals, etc.
Each community home is staffed around the clock so there is someone available onsite 24/7 in case of emergency.


This housing option is slightly different in that it fills the gap between in-home care and group home care. We currently have 10 people living in individual apartments, while we maintain a staff apartment in the complex. This arrangement affords the residents a greater degree of freedom and independence, while also providing a safeguard for emergency situations. Our staff provide approximately 15 hours a week of support and planned social activities, such as dinner night, game night, movie night, etc.

The quality of the program sets us apart:

  • The person with a disability comes first.
  • We are committed to the philosophy of Person Centered Planning.
  • We are committed to an individual’s continuous improvement.
  • We strive to promote self-esteem and to have each participant experience some measure of joy and success each day.
  • Our staffing ratios are based on the individual needs of the residents.

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Director of Residential Services
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