Agency with Choice Self-Directed Services

All people deserve to have choices.

Agency with Choice

At UCP Central PA, self-determination is a goal we strive to achieve in all aspects of the programs and services we provide for the people we serve. This includes control over the services and supports that individuals with special needs and their family members choose to receive.

The Office of Developmental Programs offers three support service models. Only one model--Agency with Choice--allows you to recruit your own employees who, in turn, become employed by UCP Central PA.

Exercise your right. Exert your authority.

The Agency with Choice model is a joint employment arrangement in which you (or your surrogate, if you prefer) are the managing employer. That means you are responsible for managing the staff in your home. UCP as your Agency with Choice provider is the employer of record. As such, we are responsible for handling the employment-related finances and paperwork.

The Agency with Choice service model empowers you or your surrogate to exercise employer authority and budget authority over the services you receive.

Why Choose UCP Central PA

As your chosen Agency with Choice provider, UCP Central PA will reduce the employer-related burdens associated with self-directed support services by performing (or helping you perform) such key tasks as:

  • management of payroll and employment-related taxes for your attendants (enabling you to manage your staffing needs...without all the additional paperwork)
  • payment of workers compensation premiums
  • assistance with orientation and training of workers
  • administration of payments for one-time-only and ongoing services provided by qualified vendors

We will also provide you with a monthly budget report, so you know what you’re spending... and how you’re spending it.

The Bottom Line

If you select UCP as your Agency with Choice provider, you will experience the full choice and control of a managing employer... without the associated aggravation and headaches.

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