Comprehensive Services for Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

UCP Central PA has a long, proud history of empowering individuals with disabilities to establish and enjoy greater independence, both at home and in the community.

Employment Support

For those motivated to find meaningful work.

Community Career Connections supports teens and adults with disabilities in securing independent, competitive, community-based employment.

Two smiling consumers

Home and Community Support

For those who want to remain in their home and active in their local community.

Our Links to Independence program provides in-home and community services and supports, including life skills training, personal care services, transportation, community integration, and respite.

Day Programs

For those who desire continued growth and development opportunities.

Community Participation Supports provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where adults with disabilities can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their peers, and actively participate in the community around them.

Residential Living

For those who want a place to call their own.

Residential Services provide innovative, residential living in nine community homes and a group of apartments.

Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology Services provide access to the technology and devices you need to make your life easier at home, school, work, or in the community.

Independent Living Technology

Independent Living Technology pairs UCP's staff and experience with innovative technologies for maximum independence.

Respite Services

Respite services Offering care and recreation for the person with a disability… and a care-free time of rest and restoration for the caregiver.